gift lines

About Us

Giftlines Artificial Flowers have been supplying wholesale clients worldwide since 1999, including the US, Europe & the UK.
We are Wholesale Suppliers of premium quality, fresh touch & silk artificial flowers, greenery and leaves that look and feel so realistic, you will want to smell them to check!  
We pride ourselves on sourcing the most realistic
products ‘Inspired by Nature’, perfect for
           bridal
           weddings
           cake decorating
           rural florists
           funerals
           corporate
           events
           photography staging
           home & office decoration
           or craft
Our real touch frangipani/plumeria, orchids
and roses are highly sought after worldwide.
We are now bringing our stunning range to retail
customers. You can sign up to receive regular updates
by email, receive free samples, scroll through our
designer gallery for inspiration, get exclusive access to
our Ready made and DIY range of arrangements.
Whilst no one will argue fresh flowers are gorgeous for a short period, artificial flowers are the perfect alternative for long lasting enjoyment, especially with their real touch feel. They are not effected by weather. Plus, artificial flowers are extremely low maintenance, require no watering and are great for those with allergies.

Our stunning range at Giftlines Australia is perfect for bridal bouquets, wedding and reception decor , cake decorating, corporate, events, home & office decoration, or craft.
Since 1999, we have been delivering our products throughout the Australia and the world including the USA, Canada, UK , New Zealand, Pacific Islands and more.