Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Showroom?

Yes we do! All customers are welcome by appointment.
We are also available Weekends and after hours as we understand sometimes we are busy running a shop and M-F / 9-5 is just not convenient.

Do you have a minimum order?

No, you can place an order to any value, however orders over $200 attract a 10% discount.

Do you offer free samples, to see the quality before we buy?

Yes, we do. We are happy to send up to 5 FREE samples to you at no expense.

What is Real Touch/ Fresh Touch?

It is a term given to flowers that have a latex like coating on their petals to give them their realistic appearance.

What are Soft Touch Silks?

These gorgeous blooms are the traditional Silk Flowers with no coating on the petals but have a delicate soft feel to touch-not stiff or hard like lessor quality Flowers.

What is Velveteen / Velvet Touch?

These flowers have a felt like coating similar to velvet, this gives them a very soft touch.

What's the difference between the types of flowers

Essentially they are just different styles used in manufacturing Flowers and Foliage to give you everlasting beautiful products to brighten your everyday environment and bring you immense joy.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver throughout Australia and Worldwide!

Your order will leave our warehouse within 24 hours when placed Monday- Friday. Orders placed on the weekend or a public holiday will be dispatched on the next working day.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, you can! You can place your order online and click the “Local Pick Up” option or you can make an appointment to come in and see our range and we will prepare your order while you wait.

Returns…What do I do if I’ve chosen the wrong colour/style?

We are happy to exchange your selection. Simply return your products in the same condition they were sent and we can help remedy the issue.

What do I do if I have concerns about a faulty product?

We have strict quality control and check each box as it gets packed, so this is extremely rare, but of course we will return any damaged or faulty products for you.

How do I care for my artificial flowers?
We have several personal arrangements in our own homes as well as many within the showroom to care for, so as dedicated  suppliers of artificial flowers Australia wide, we know the maintenance and care that goes into keeping artificial flowers looking their best. 
The best thing about artificial flowers is that they are much more durable than fresh flowers or preserved flowers. In most cases, if they are not too dirty, a quick dusting with a household duster will remove most unwanted dust. 
However, if your artificial flowers require a deeper clean start by taking them out of their vase.
Fill your kitchen or laundry sink with clean soapy water. Gently rinse the flowers in the sink. 
Make sure you remove any remaining soap off the flowers by thoroughly rinsing and then carefully shake off any excess water.
Then if possible hang your flowers to dry or place them onto a clean towel so they can air-dry.